The Official site

for Johnny Solstice


You have been warned.


Here you will find the random jottings and

artwork of an outsider activist poet.


He has been described as many things. A legend and lyrical genius, a shamen, a poet, a wizard of words, but he remains an enigma, as soon as he is defined he changes. He has overcome drug and alcohol addiction and against huge odds, has used the power of the voice to heal the wounds of child abuse. But more than this, he has used his gifted tongue to highlight and attack injustice and hypocrisy of all kinds with a humour at once subtle and biting. With a well-tuned bullshit detector he upholds the quintessential British talent to make us all laugh at ourselves.



This site has been set up by friends cos he'd never get round to doing it himself...

johnny assures us he will post new stuff regularly......but well, you know Johnny?.


Life love unity





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